Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Update

Sadly, school has been kicking my rear as of late so the pictures have come to a near screeching halt. Aside from the fact that nearly every Saturday has been spent studying biology or the like, the weather in Hampton Roads has been, well, seasonal. We've gotten more snow in the past week than I can remember us getting in the past 6 years. Today I have accomplished little more than re-editing a few promised shots from the December (sigh, yes, it's been two months) shoot with my family for Christmas. It's only a couple, but I have some exciting things on the horizon for spring.

In other news:
My best friend/roommate, Kelsey Leigh (aka the beautiful blonde girl in my header, and my first post...) is engaged to be married this fall!! I'm so excited. And in keeping with said excitement, I believe I will be posting some "save-the-date-and-such" photos within the near future. Just gotta wait for this ground to thaw & we're golden. Congratulations to two awesome people!!