Sunday, January 30, 2011

My old co-worker & friend, Kristina just recently got engaged to Ray - and I am so excited for their wedding in October!! & I can't believe I've never used a Carousel as a shoot location before! I guess there's a first time for everything. Short & sweet, sadly... work in the A.M. I have some ideas forming for my next photo shoot.. & spring weather is long over due in these parts. 

& P.S - for those who were following my camera bag adventure - I was literally pulling my debit card out to pay for my new bag (of which I've changed since the last time...) when it told me it doesn't ship till APRIL!?!???  So, all thanks to the roomies boyfriends' genius idea - I ebay'd it and lo and behold, there it stood. The very bag (in the very color) I was about to purchase (and wait 3 months for).... all I have to do now is message the buyer and beg them to sell it to me now instead of making me wait 8 days. Ha.. ha. I'm really not this impatient, it's just that I've been waiting like 6 months to find the perfect bag and now that I have - I don't want to imagine going any longer without it. It will be an amazing investment.

But enough on that. Here's to an awesome week!!
& Congrats to Kristina & Ray!! Yay!!


xoxo, Danielle

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running out the door....

I was checking out a few random photo blogs before another day at the office when I spotted something that definitely made me physically slow down. It's rare that I stop to read something out loud & I immediately knew that I wanted to share it with my readers. (oh, how I love thee.)

Between the crazy schedules, the dreams & desires for the future & all the other in between thoughts that pass through our minds like those ships sailing in the night, take a deep breath. Life moves far too fast for us to even keep up with it sometimes.

I found this while perusing Tessa Janae Photography's blog. Enjoy!

Now I am off in running, going to help all those in need of chiropractic help. I need to go fill my thermos with my earl grey tea. & grab my emergency bottle of ibuprofen to nip this cold in the butt. 

Have a great day!

xoxo, Danielle

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kristina & Ray : Sneaky Peaky

Kristina & Ray : Engagement

But wait, there's more!! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I had the opportunity to showcase my best friends younger sister (I almost typed 'little', but seeing as she is now a senior in highschool, that makes her younger, but not little. It's crazy!! I remember when she was like... 12!!) Anyway.... 

Yes, anyway.

I got to run around the Ocean front area of Virginia Beach to shoot a couple of fun/a couple of mature photos for both her yearbook & some life changes on the stairwell wall. It's one thing to see your best friend get married. It's another to see her -younger- sister graduate from high school. I feel old.

Regardless, here are a few highlights from this photo shoot. Like what you see? Do you think it's high time you got some new photo's taken of yourself? Your babies? Your babies who are no longer babies but... almost adults?? Your dog??? Expand that thought! Email me your inquiries at

Congratulations, Mere! 

We all talked about stealing that car....

She looks like such a grown-up here! *sniff*

A favorite.

 It was raining... She's hardcore.

Another fav.

Coming up next... A sneak peak at Kristina & Ray's engagement session! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Switching Positions

Hibernation. Something I think all creatures whether they have fur or not, should indulge in every once in a while. I've been avoiding my camera lately, mainly because my desire to create has been far less inspiring as of late. But truly, it's mainly because no one wants to go out in the cold with me to shoot pictures. I mean, there's some true bribery that has to take place for me to get anyone out in this unusual Virginia weather. I mean, it's been in the 30's for the past couple of weeks. That, & the combination of trips to various and sundry places has stunted my photo blogging. I'm sorry.

I apologize a lot, I know.

But, I actually have something to share with you all today. It's nothing much, but still something to share.

I rarely do this, but I did it this year. I made actual resolutions - ya know - I literally put them down on something. (even if it's just virtual notebook paper) .... I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that It's 2011. I graduated high school six years ago this June. I have been dating my wonderful boyfriend for three years as of the end of December. I've been driving Mae for five years as of Christmas day. I feel like so much has been happening in the past few years, so much of which I can't really keep up with. But regardless of all of these changes, I am going to post these little resolutions in hopes that I can actually hold them as self-evident as I make another year's worth of progression. Not only on the photo-front, but in all aspects of my life.

Here's to 2011!

I have some senior pictures to share with you all too... stay tuned!