Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pine Cones

I have been blessed recently being called to shoot families, children, and engagements. I finally got my chance to shoot a semi-woodsy family session in a little area by the locks in Chesapeake. Pine cones were everywhere and held the attention of the little ones. They even had their puppy join in! Peyton begged to know "how many pictures, Danielle!?" & Gavin was quite the little man, running after his big sister and giving Lulu hugs. I had such a good time shooting their pictures. Before we ended the session, we headed over to a park nearby with swings and slides - this gave me lots of ideas for some up-coming "under-10" sessions. Keep a look out!

I miss being 5 and running around outside without a care in the world....

Until next time!

Saturday News

I keep finding that the more I get caught up on projects, the faster the void gets filled with something new. I believe it is God's way of telling me that I am to always be active because my heart resides where there are things to do.

Reference points such as:
-boxes in my apt still needing to be unpacked from when I moved in from... ohhhh.. MAY.
-new business cards with an actual WEBSITE (vs the current blog) listed on them.
-the website to put ON my new biz cards (!!) ... this one is definitely exciting.
-a new camera bag waiting in a shopping cart on amazon, just to be replaced by these beautiful bags which are both feminine, modern and functional; found on etsy this morning! The wait is over! I shall be purchasing one upon my return home from my weekend trip to the rural Ephrata, PA to spend time with Jeremy's family & see the biggest street fair on the East Coast!
(guess who forgot her camera... )
(probably because she didn't have a sweet bag to carry it in...)

                                                              (thank you, XcessRize!!)

-completing my visual arts degree. Acquiring this new job has put a stunt in that growth.
-BLOGGING. This one constantly excites and depresses me because I rarely have the time to really hunch over my keyboard and post things of visual worth. It's a work in progress.

I've got many-a-project to work on in the upcoming months. I would like to work on some out of focus images that can be blown up and mounted in matte and frame to be hung in people's homes. It's the subject matter that has me stumped. I did some with Jared and Kelsey in their latest session and I'd like to do more for some personalized gifts for the holidays. Hmm.. so much to do!

My best friend is getting married in 28 days and I'm really really looking forward to her finally being able to start this new season of life.  It will definitely be an awesome wedding. Can't wait.

Well, here's to many new fall adventures (of which I hope to post here in photographic form.)

Cheers to a beautiful Saturday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Keeping with Nate and Kelly's rustic theme, we went for a stroll through the Freemason section of Norfolk, on the border of Ghent and downtown. We were graced with a gorgeous day. Very little humidity (a godsend, truly) and clear blue skies. We enjoyed climbing up onto ivy covered stairways, and strolling amidst the old victorian styled houses. A beautiful location at 4 in the afternoon.. just as the sun was realizing it was time to visit China... and Nate & Kelly fit in so well with that beauty.

Thank you all for your patience with me as I've transitioned from one job to another and am slowly getting into a more real routine now that this semester has begun. I wish the weekends were like 4 days longer just so I could take pictures of all you beautiful people.

I have an itch to edit tonight, so if I can wrap up a few other projects - you may see two posts in ONE evening. Ambitious, yes. But, I'm realizing, on a more personal level, ambition is definitely a key to any sort of success. :)

And with that random deep thought; Here's Nate & Kelly! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

You've got the sun in your eyes

I've spent a lot of time away from the blog and on location shooting a plethora of attractive people. I've got some pictures from the Kelsey/Jared shoot coming up in the near future, along with some from the engagement session of Kelly and Nate. I am really excited to share those with you all.

Fall is quickly approaching, and I am very eager to get out and get some more shooting in! I've become addicted to blue lilly photography and their creative family portrait ideas. 

Be on the look out for some more stop motion action in the near future.
I've got some family fun scheduled for this afternoon over at the locks in Chesapeake.

But for now....

Meet Ethan and Ella. I loved sharing a beautiful Saturday morning with them. We went to a local, "oldy but goody" spot, full of bright spaces, shadows and large tress offering plenty of shade. There were some flowers too, which added so much to Ella's cheerful smile. Ethan was quite the  little man, having just come from his first football game. He was so sweet with his little sister, as you will see in the photos. I look forward to spending another morning with them in the future. 

That's all for now! More to come soon.
Happy Saturday!