Saturday, September 11, 2010

You've got the sun in your eyes

I've spent a lot of time away from the blog and on location shooting a plethora of attractive people. I've got some pictures from the Kelsey/Jared shoot coming up in the near future, along with some from the engagement session of Kelly and Nate. I am really excited to share those with you all.

Fall is quickly approaching, and I am very eager to get out and get some more shooting in! I've become addicted to blue lilly photography and their creative family portrait ideas. 

Be on the look out for some more stop motion action in the near future.
I've got some family fun scheduled for this afternoon over at the locks in Chesapeake.

But for now....

Meet Ethan and Ella. I loved sharing a beautiful Saturday morning with them. We went to a local, "oldy but goody" spot, full of bright spaces, shadows and large tress offering plenty of shade. There were some flowers too, which added so much to Ella's cheerful smile. Ethan was quite the  little man, having just come from his first football game. He was so sweet with his little sister, as you will see in the photos. I look forward to spending another morning with them in the future. 

That's all for now! More to come soon.
Happy Saturday!

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