Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Keeping with Nate and Kelly's rustic theme, we went for a stroll through the Freemason section of Norfolk, on the border of Ghent and downtown. We were graced with a gorgeous day. Very little humidity (a godsend, truly) and clear blue skies. We enjoyed climbing up onto ivy covered stairways, and strolling amidst the old victorian styled houses. A beautiful location at 4 in the afternoon.. just as the sun was realizing it was time to visit China... and Nate & Kelly fit in so well with that beauty.

Thank you all for your patience with me as I've transitioned from one job to another and am slowly getting into a more real routine now that this semester has begun. I wish the weekends were like 4 days longer just so I could take pictures of all you beautiful people.

I have an itch to edit tonight, so if I can wrap up a few other projects - you may see two posts in ONE evening. Ambitious, yes. But, I'm realizing, on a more personal level, ambition is definitely a key to any sort of success. :)

And with that random deep thought; Here's Nate & Kelly! 

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