Sunday, December 13, 2009

BABY, it's cold outside...

It should definitely be snowing outside right now, but it's drizzling instead. The window is cracked, this room is increasingly warm, and Sara Groves is singing Christmas songs to me.

As promised, I am attaching a few precious shots from a shoot done this week. This is baby Hunter at 1 week old. It was such an experience getting to shoot a newborn again. It has been years since I last did, and this time I had the freedom to shoot however I wanted, without studio rules in place. It was also nice when Hunter decided he was hungry, he could sneak away with mommy for a few minutes to eliminate the screaming-fest I had become so accustomed to with all my studio shoots.

Hunter was the perfect model. He looked up at me when we needed some eye-opened shots, and he slept in between everything else. His daddy held a small portable heater over him when we were doing these shots, as it was chilly without his clothes on. It was a fun experience.

                                                                                               Next up.. my family's Christmas pictures. Stay tuned. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh me oh my...

Forgive me for my lack of post. It's sad really, so many photoshoots that are starting to come together FOR SOME REASON OR ANOTHER  had to be cancelled or rescheduled which has left me with nothing more than MYSELF to take pictures of. And, ok, lets be honest, I am not NOR will not post all of these awkward, snarling pictures of yours truly all over this "hopes to maybe-someday bring clients knocking on my door" blog. I will leave you with this little tid-bit ... I am going to be embarking on my first non-studio BABY shoot (not even any baby, a sweet, precious, ADORABLE newborn baby boy.) I am beginning to notice that all of my sentances have some form of capital letters in them, and are sounding very disjointed. I do apologize. It's been a while since I've really posted anything on the internet, let alone on my blog. My flickr is sadly lacking, I don't even have a personal blog anymore because I was disgruntled with my old one, and well, that leaves this place to come and dump the few things I have created. SO! Until I get those baby pictures up here for you all to see .. I'll leave you with this image I took on the drive back from NY. 12 hours of road, I was bound to use my camera.

i'll be back.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love found.

The following are of Matt and Michele's engagement session taken right across the border into North Carolina, in a beautiful cotton field and on Michele's family owned farm. Michele and I went to High School together and shared many awesome memories. They met online and almost immediately knew that "this was it." I love to hear stories of how two people met and how they fell in love. I'm really excited for their next chapter to unfold. Congratulations, you two. :)




Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall in love.

Jennie & Jason have been together for over 2 years now, and I was finally able to catch them for a shoot in old towne Portsmouth. It was a bit cool outside, and happened to be the first (hopefully of many) of chilly outdoor shoots on the cobblestones. I enjoyed capturing the smiles they thought I didn't see, and the glances while I "adjusted settings" ... I love fall merely because the lighting just looks so incredibly perfect. Here's to many more.

which one's your favorite?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Her Moon, Her Man...

These are not new pictures, but I figured I'd start my first real post with something worthwhile. The following are of my dear roommate and her boyfriend. They've been together for many moons and I've had the great privilege of shooting their anniversary pictures each year. It was crazy looking back at the first shoot we did as I compiled the collection for this post. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Kelsey & Jared - Spring 2009:

                                                                                                     (inspired by Max Wanger)


One of my favorite parts about shooting this couple is the fact that I'm not there. I'm just another breeze blowing as they lean in to kiss each other. I'm just another bird chirping in a distant tree as he goes to grab her hand. I love the fluidity of the expressions. I love how easy it for them to show, without regard, without any inhibitions  -- the definition of love. And as simple as that may sound - they help me to capture it in its most genuine state. It's magical.

more to come. thanks for stopping by.

the photos are coming!!!!

i promise.
i have a gap of nothingness after the 3 mile run and before the alarm clock gets set for tuesday.
stay tuned.