Monday, October 5, 2009

the photos are coming!!!!

i promise.
i have a gap of nothingness after the 3 mile run and before the alarm clock gets set for tuesday.
stay tuned.


  1. Danielle!

    Remember me? I am Shannon's friend! I looove your photography! I blog daily at there any way that I could use one of your photographs in my blog? I would give you credit. I'm interested in the one where the couple is holding up the word "LOVE" with their fingers. Would that be possible? If you say no, I understand. But I will pray that you say yes! I have TONS of readers, so featuring a photograph of yours will help promote your work! :)

  2. And since i won't know when you reply to this comment, would you mind contacting me at or on Facebook as Lisa Lynne Catherine? Thank you!