Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am. And however long I end up going with next to nothing to show for it, I think about you, little blog, on an-at-least-weekly basis.

Not enough time to give you a full update. I'm just going to hit on the high points.

1. I am officially 25 years old now. This has been a slightly less than comforting eye opener to me on the things that i've accomplished (or not )...

2. I finally (finally, finally) have an iPhone. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend & my own determination to not wait another 4 years to succumb to the [yes] costly purchase of a CELL PHONE, I had to realize that it'll be an investment of sorts that will hopefully open my creative eye & help to organize the chaos.

3. I applied to ODU a few weeks ago to begin the next chapter of my education journey. One that I am very much looking forward to completing.

Hmm, short list. At least I have hit the high points with hopes that I now "have an app for that" random need to blog, it actually will become more of a normal thing.

Until next time!