Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh me oh my...

Forgive me for my lack of post. It's sad really, so many photoshoots that are starting to come together FOR SOME REASON OR ANOTHER  had to be cancelled or rescheduled which has left me with nothing more than MYSELF to take pictures of. And, ok, lets be honest, I am not NOR will not post all of these awkward, snarling pictures of yours truly all over this "hopes to maybe-someday bring clients knocking on my door" blog. I will leave you with this little tid-bit ... I am going to be embarking on my first non-studio BABY shoot (not even any baby, a sweet, precious, ADORABLE newborn baby boy.) I am beginning to notice that all of my sentances have some form of capital letters in them, and are sounding very disjointed. I do apologize. It's been a while since I've really posted anything on the internet, let alone on my blog. My flickr is sadly lacking, I don't even have a personal blog anymore because I was disgruntled with my old one, and well, that leaves this place to come and dump the few things I have created. SO! Until I get those baby pictures up here for you all to see .. I'll leave you with this image I took on the drive back from NY. 12 hours of road, I was bound to use my camera.

i'll be back.

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