Sunday, January 23, 2011

I had the opportunity to showcase my best friends younger sister (I almost typed 'little', but seeing as she is now a senior in highschool, that makes her younger, but not little. It's crazy!! I remember when she was like... 12!!) Anyway.... 

Yes, anyway.

I got to run around the Ocean front area of Virginia Beach to shoot a couple of fun/a couple of mature photos for both her yearbook & some life changes on the stairwell wall. It's one thing to see your best friend get married. It's another to see her -younger- sister graduate from high school. I feel old.

Regardless, here are a few highlights from this photo shoot. Like what you see? Do you think it's high time you got some new photo's taken of yourself? Your babies? Your babies who are no longer babies but... almost adults?? Your dog??? Expand that thought! Email me your inquiries at

Congratulations, Mere! 

We all talked about stealing that car....

She looks like such a grown-up here! *sniff*

A favorite.

 It was raining... She's hardcore.

Another fav.

Coming up next... A sneak peak at Kristina & Ray's engagement session! :)

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