Monday, March 15, 2010

Morgan & Ginger

It feels like the beginning of new things. March is the month where spring starts to appear. Sadly, the colder months have kept me locked inside beating my ancient radiators into submission. But, with this new month brings about new possibilities, the opening of windows and NEW SHOOTS. I'm trying to promote this here blog on Graydon Avenue's facebook page (psst, become a fan!) .. I'll be posting new things over the next few months. Even though it's been a dry spell in the photographing arena, I'm still going to give you a few shots to wet your appetite for SPRING! If you're interested in getting some mommy/daughter pictures done (or mommy/son/daddy/baby/dog) ... please drop me a line. I am already in the process of booking for spring, and Easter is right around the corner!

This is Ginger and Morgan. These were taken a few blocks from my home at Stockley Gardens, last summer. Enjoy!

Happy Spring.

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