Sunday, November 21, 2010

Crimson & Clover

Fall is HERE!!!

I've spent some time shooting randomly, having a pause in the madness that was my spring/summer weekends where I was shooting constantly. I'm opening up a few more weekends in the coming month to finish up any Fall sessions and begin on Christmas/Winter pictures for family's holidays cards.

As I may have mentioned in a previous post - I was in the process of researching a new camera bag with which to tote my beloved camera around with me, but not be so big and, well, camera-bag-y. I had found one on etsy that I was very excited to purchase until a friend of mine sent me the link to these charming purse like bags!

I found the one in which I had been long waiting for:

The Clover, which is not only large enough to fit my camera body and a few lens's, but also my macbook pro for any sort of emergency uploads, or just the fact that carrying a laptop bag + camera + all gear is overwhelming when trucking it a few blocks (during the winter months when my fingers are cold) to the visual arts center for my studio lighting classes. The sheer convenience of it is is awesome, not to mention it's so cute!

They don't ship till the end of December, so i'll have to pre-order. But maaaan.... I'm IN LOVE with this bag.


I found my sister and I had an aligned schedule one Sunday afternoon during which we took a drive to down town Norfolk and the surrounding Freemason area. I got a few shots that are bursting with fall colors and bright blue skies. Warm red brick and loose wavy curls. I hope to shoot a few more sessions with her during the upcoming months.

Be on the lookout for more changing of the seasons!
Until then. :)

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