Monday, July 18, 2011

Shonna & Jonathan | Engagements : District of Columbia

What a fun day this was. Shonna & Jon were such fun-loving, laid back people to shoot pictures of. The beginning of photo sessions always seems to be the most awkward because couples have to get used to someone taking pictures of them smooching, cuddling & generally being cute with one another. Not this couple! We dove right in with some amazingly real pictures. No real posing was necessary, and that just shows these two are naturals. Another session is already in the works for an artsy/casual/straight-up-awesome shoot maybe in the next month or two. I'm thinking sometime in September so we can get some fall colors in there. How's that sound, Shonna? ;)

We had such a blast traipsing around the district. We got lost a few times (naturally), we got some awesome candids as we walked the city. Shonna & Jon just melted right into the groove, and were so wonderful together. We spent a fair amount of the day laughing at random things & riding around on the metro. I had a really difficult time choosing the best pictures to post here, I had so many to choose from! Again, naturals.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

love it!!!!!!

Shonna, I had to post this picture. It just shows how carefree & relaxed you are with each other. We had lots of these sorts of moments. ;)

So beautiful. :)

Experimentation. Thanks again for you guys' patience as I fiddled with my camera. & as we waited for the thousands of other patrons to disperse from the area we were shooting in. ;)

I am so grateful for the opportunity & the pleasure to shoot this wonderful couple. Thanks again, Shonna & Jon. Looking forward to round 2!! :D

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