Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Sparrow

Long time, no seeeeeeeee!!!

I'm gonna leave the personal stuff (aka, why I haven't been posting more etc.) to a separate post, because I am bursting at the seems (ha, no pun intended) to share the maternity session I shot this past weekend!! Ahhh!!!

My boss, Bill Meyer of Meyer Fitness & his beautiful wife, Lauren, are expecting a sweet baby girl sometime in the next few weeks. Bill & I had discussed my taking their pregnancy pics, way back when Lauren was barely showing & now we are just awaiting her arrival! I'm pretty excited about it all. I love babies so much & taking these pictures made me realize how I wish I had more pregnant friends, just so I could be around that energy. That "she's could make her appearance any day now" vibe that just makes everything that much more exciting.

I am excited to share with you baby Sparrow's first photo session!!

Enjoy, & Congratulations to Bill & Lauren. You guys are gonna be sweet parents. (I mean, what parent isn't going to be awesome when you already have a pink baby field hockey stick for her.) ;)

Update soon!!

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