Friday, March 4, 2011

fast forward:

I can't even begin to explain the roller coaster that has been my life since my last time posting.

I moved on from being a chiropractic assistant to a full-time nanny.
Talk about a change of pace. I went from working 45+ hours a week with hundreds of patients in my face constantly, charts needing to be built, phone calls needing to be made, nonstop, go go go ETC. To wearing my sweatpants until I feel like putting real clothes on (which, this week, has been almost every day - I'm fighting some sort of stomach bug on top of feeling extraordinarily sleep deprived even though I go to bed no later than 10:30. Is this what moms go through all day long!?), feeling somewhat stir-crazy due to the frigid temps lately, out of place because I'm still in the process of moving into the upstairs apartment space that is my new home, aside from one pair of tennis shoes & a pair of boots- all of my shoes are at my old apartment, which just by definition sounds like a problem. Just the meshing of two lifestyles is different and is definitely something to get used to.

I feel like this will be an opportunity for me to see what being a hard-core mom is like. Living with two kids, going through the daily struggles/joys/accomplishments that a typical stay-at-home-mom goes through will definitely teach me a lot about this so-called "dream & desire" that I've had to be a mommy since I was old enough to carry a plastic baby doll around the house wherever I went. It's going to be a new experience - but in doing so I know that it will teach me more about myself & the things I want for the future. So many things to mentally prepare for. This is going to be my opportunity for this. A lull in the fast-forward motion that is my life.

It is almost noon on a friday morning. The kiddos are asleep on their 1st nap of the day (typically I can get them to take 2 each day.) This is my time to catch up on reading the news/my blogs, cleaning the house, and just a mental preparation for when the youngins' wake up and I need to be alert and available to their every need. It seems pleasant, right? Well - sadly, I have to wait till Summer before I can get back in the swing of things with school & I just recently finished editing the last photo session I've had on the books (hello, winter), so all this "free" time seems kind of daunting. Strange? I went from hating my busy life and how I lacked the time to do anything, to this sort of slower existence, where I make pb&j sandwiches for the 3 year old, feed oatmeal to the baby, all the while checking the daily beast for the latest news tidbits so I don't feel like I'm completely outside of the bubble that is "the real world" ....

The babe is awake. Until I get another moment...

xoxo, Danielle

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