Monday, March 14, 2011

I wasn't going to post anything else until I had some awesome pictures to show you of something new in my life. Well, as sad as this is - I was only able to swipe some pictures off the grand ole' internet to show you some of my latest obsessions/recent purchases that have made this girl a happy one, indeed.

This nail polish is my current obsession. I typically wear a dark purple or a reddish/brownish shade, but lately, I am all into greys and light pinks. I can't remember if I posted this here or elsewhere, but the simple combination of a medium grey and a baby girl pink anything makes me swoon. I've found myself layering the same pale pink tank under a thermal heather grey shirt that I own, probably twice in the same week because I absolutely love the combination of color. I love dusty colors.

I actually stole this bag from my sister. Or, rather I stole the fact that this bag is cute and I desired it to be in my collection after seeing my sister tote it around, courtesy of Target. Oh, Target. I've spent more money in that store than I care to admit, but as you can see, this purchase was well worth it. It's got a thick canvas-y material constructing the body, with (my favorite part) a "cross body" strap so it's more of a messenger style purse than anything else. I was in love when I first saw the sis with it. Now we get to be twins. ;)

And lastly, a trip to the thrift store made my weekend by not only having a pair of adorable rocket dog flats that I thought for sure weren't going to fit me because they were a size 8, but alas, they managed to fit oh so perfectly. I also found a nice running pullover that has all the nice add-on's like the thumb hole/partial hand coverings for the chilly mornings, the pocket (on the back!) for a key/ipod, and it's cute.  But the highlight of this trip was the pair of worn in American Eagle boyfriend jeans:

(they look similar to these:)

I must say, I've been on a quest to find the perfect slightly wider legged, worn in, longer jean for probably 6-9 months. They are so comfy and are currently gracing my legs with their worn in presence. Excited for the spring when I can pair them with my flip flops and a classic white tshirt (oh, one day I'll do an entire post on the glories of the white tee. It's a slight problem and a mild obsession. I think I own over 7 plain, white, boring tshirts.)

But I'll save that for another day.

Sorry this had nothing to do with my photography, but I felt the need to share those little tid-bits with someone other than Jeremy, who just says "that's awesome" when I start squealing about thrift store finds! /new nail polish! / my cool new bag!

He is a boy, after all. 

Until I dust my camera off...

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